sábado, 19 de junho de 2010


However not in that strict sense that would first come to our mind. I feel it more as a bodybroken thing because it affects heart, brain and all my senses. It is hard to describe what the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one makes to your life. Mixed feelings. Fear. Expectations. Like I told him, eve having had some hard fights, at the end we eventually understood that we were on the same side, fighting for the same goals but defending our beliefs with all our strengths throughout the process with our necessarily different approaches towards subjects. It was good. No, it was great indeed! And I really wish our paths may cross again because relationships of this kind, that make us believe in a kind and wise human nature, are not easy to find. Life's much easier when you have people that you admire surrounding you. At least this is a must in my life to make me feel alive.

Cheers, my good friend!


2 comentários:

muguele disse...

Need a hand? A foot? A shoulder?

Dream on disse...

I'm the one who gives the shoulder, did you forget? :) I'm ok, just a bit sad but I would not consider myself a proper human being if I wasn't. Tks!