domingo, 7 de março de 2010

Groupie or Yuppie?

Instead of packing to this place here I am thinking about life, its meaning and the way I live it. I am feeling really lazy today, I have to confess.

On the post title, well... I have been a bit of both. Maybe the only factor that makes me not fit completely in the concepts anymore is my age. However, the age is inside our brain and not necessarily linked to the year we were born, isn't it?

Sometimes I wonder if I should have chosen another path but I guess I am pretty happy with my profession and with how demanding it is. There is nothing we can do against human nature and I do not think I could leave without being challenged every minute. It pleases me to think deep and to try to see beyond average people. The only issue is that there is not much time left to try other things. After all there are just 24 hours in a day!

Well, I'd better start packing now otherwise I might really wish the day had 48 hours.

The post is not that juicy but it made me feel a little better...

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