quarta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2009

When leaving becomes a constant

But not for you, for others. You get used to people (even when they are not so nice and kind as you think they shoud be) and then, suddenly, the day after they stop moving around you.

It is a reality nowadays but yet a shame that this country and economy are going through such a dark period. I wonder whether companies can survive with even more lean structures than those already practiced.

It's sad to see people being treated as disposable devices. Today they are a key element but tomorrow no one will bother if they don't showp up simply because someone said they didn't have to come back.

Sometimes I wonder if it is best to be on the side of those who stay. Yeah... at the end of the day, and trying to be as rationale as possible (not very difficult to me indeed), I think it still is. Neverthless this feeling of emptiness inside is taking my sleep away...

2 comentários:

Tierri disse...

Um pouco depré, não...?!?
Esse ânimo para cima!!

Dream on disse...

Nem por isso! Foi mais um desabafo! Cheers. Enjoy Alijó :)